About Nada Karam

A photo awakens ones forgotten passion for adventure. Photography binds us with earth and cultures, unveiling aspects of the universe and humanity that are hidden to the naked eye.
Nada studied advertising \ fine arts at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and worked in Paris at BREET (Bureau Relation Economie Et Tourisme) as a graphic designer. She later moved as an art director at “Atelier d’Art” an advertising agency based in Beirut.
However, her passion for photography put her in a different path & she was a chief of photography at “Beyond” magazine for 4 years. That brought out the artist inside her and manifested in the diversity of her artworks which was exhibited in various locations.

“I feel fulfilled and complete when I share my work and awaken in others deep buried feelings bringing to light an awareness of the moment, in purity, captured forever... A photo is boundless, like the soul, limitless and eternal...” - Nada Karam

- Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut 2011
- Sophie’s Choice, Beirut souks 2012
- 3 rue de Berri, Paris 2013
- Le Loft, Antelias 2013
- Theatrical Enigma, Monsef 2013
- Vinifest, Hypodrome de Beirut 2013
- Beit El Kroum, Zahle 2014
- Ginette, Gemmeyze 2014